Testimonials of Paws & Claws Animal Hospital in Wilmington, NC

"I can't say enough about this office and the staff here! After a very stressful week our bunny Nova had a bout of GI stasis and was hunched over grinding her teeth in pain. They were able to see her right away and today, the next morning, I'm watching her play and munch on hay! Dr. Anderson is recommended by the house rabbit society for a reason, and when I adopt a dog some day, I'll definitely be seeing Dr. Sam. I wish I'd gotten the name of my tech from yesterday; she was sweet, patient, informative and compassionate and syringe-fed Nova like magic. I'm nothing short of 100% confident that my animals are in good hands here."
- Amber M., 5-star Facebook Review

"Have been a client of Dr Sam for many years and he is the best!! Can't say enough good things about him ,he just saved Riley from a toxic overdose of dark chocolate . Sam has been there so many times for us with Pluto, Piper and BamBam who have all crossed the bridge but he made it easier on them and us , haven't known Dr Stephen as long but he really came through for us when he helped Baby Girl cross the rainbow bridge. Thank you for being the compassionate caring docs that you are!!"
- Wendy K., 5-star Facebook Review

"Dr. Anderson is by far the veterinarian I've been to so far. He was amazing with my birds, and they always got great care here! He always offered the best and informative options, and never pressured me to make my birds undergo unnecessary tests. He is much more professional and natural with birds than many other places claiming to have avian experience. Even though I live in VA now, I still would much rather make the trip to NC for my birds annual check up then go to another place where they don't know what they are doing. Thanks for being such a honest and knowledgeable veterinarian!!!"
- Elizabeth M., 5-star Facebook Review

"The staff at Paws and Claws are friendly, knowledgeable, and patient with our pets. Dr. Anderson was happy to answer all of our questions and address any concerns. We never felt rushed or ignored like we have at other offices. It's a great relief to know our pets are in good hands!"
- Patience C., 5-star Facebook Review

"A very caring, compassionate staff. I'm pretty partial to Dr. Stephen since I allowed him to have hamsters, rats, turtles, frogs, iguanas, and a parakeet as pets as well as the cats we had. Oh, I almost forgot the snake he brought home when working for the DMV! Good thing I love animals, too"
- Linda A., 5-star Facebook Review

"Took my bearded dragon Smaug to get checked out today and had a great experience with Dr. Anderson. he was very helpful, reassuring and very knowledgeable! Thank you so much for caring so much about my scale baby! :)"
- Miranda C., 5-star Facebook Review

"We have always adored Dr.Sam Smith and especially love the gorgeous new facility!! The staff is very kind and helpful from the front desk to checking out. We highly recommend Paws & Claws. Two paws up:)"
- Rebecca G., 5-star Facebook Review

"Dr. Sam has been my vet for 15 years and I could not imagine taking my dog to anyone else. The staff at Paws & Claws is the best!"
- Kristin S., 5-star Facebook Review

"My chinchillas eye was crusted shut and I called every place in Jacksonville and Morehead city and nobody could get is in or their exotic pet specialist was not in that day. Or they didn't see chinchillas. So I called paws and claws and even tho they were busy and didn't have any appointments available they asked me what was going on. Once I told them they squeezed me and and I drove 2 hours to Wilmington. The staff here is very friendly. And very clean. The vet that saw my little guy was so nice and so gentle with my little guy. Which wasn't easy because my chinchilla was squirming all over the place and very nervous. Not to mention he ended up getting a particle of hay in his eye and it scratched his cornea. If it didn't get it taken care of fast enough it could have damaged his eye to the point it could have been removed. So thank you Paws and Claws!!! I recommend anyone who has a small animal, reptile or even cats and dogs to go here. Not to mention the prices aren't that bad!"
- Ashley L., 5-star Facebook Review

"We were referred to this hospital by our current vet for an orthopedic surgery for our 11 week old puppy who broke her leg. The staff has been extremely helpful since my very first phone call, they shared my sense of urgency and were able to answer all my questions realistically while also providing a sense of comfort! I would absolutely recommend this office for emergency needs such as ours as well as routine care. THANK YOU Paws and Claws for everything!"
- Hope C., 5-star Facebook Review

"They are great to my chicken family and today my dog got sick and his regular vet couldn't see him they worked me in and made my baby boy feel so much better I'm so thankful for them Dr Anderson and staff thank you soooo very much"
- Cathey G., 5-star Facebook Review

"Dr Sam Smith has taken care of my animals for years. I can't say enough good things about him. Dr Anderson has also helped out in Dr SAMs absence & he was just caring & knowledgeable as Dr Sam. I wouldn't trust another Vet with my animals.
Sincerely Angel Croft & furbabies Hank, Buddy & Pretty <3"
- Angel C., 5-star Review

"I was recommend by my vet in Leland to have my pet chicken, Lacey seen. Dr Anderson and the staff were so compassionate and gentle with Lacey. They made it easier to say goodbye to her and to feel comforted by having a diagnosis. Thank you!"
- Samantha W., 5-star Facebook Review

"Great, caring staff, and veterinarians who like to teach you more about your pet's health than you would expect.
This is our 3rd vet in Wilmington, and we are sold on Dr. Anderson and Dr. Smith."
- Mary L., 5-star Facebook Review

"This is not our regular vet but when our Troy had an accident today they were there for our family. The Doctor and staff were nothing but compassionate and thorough we will be changing vets if they will take on Troy. THANK YOU"
- Michelle S., 5-star Facebook Review

"Dr. Anderson was fabulous with my little baby western hognose snake. They're known to be a generally wiggly species and she literally fell asleep in his hands, even after he looked inside her mouth. He was very gentle and thorough and took the time to explain everything to me. I also just got a two week follow-up call from them to check on her progress. I certainly recommend Dr. Anderson for your reptiles!"
- Lauren B., 5-star Facebook Review

"Our fur baby Sugar was in great hands today. She does get nervous around other animals so it was very sweet the lady came out & walked her in. Sugar absolutely loved her vet, she gave him tons of kisses & got her belly rubbed. So glad we found Paws & Claws. Sugar is happy & healthy!!!"

"Just took our adopted baby Sugar for a check up. She doesn't do well around other animals so it was nice of the lady to come outside & walk her in. Sugar absolutely loved her vet, gave him tons of lovins :) She's doing great & we're all happy we found Paws & Claws."
- Jamie M., 5-star Yelp & Facebook Review

"I am a dog owner with extreme skin issues. Anyone been through this can understand how hard it is to find a solution. After being to many different vets, and being disappointed with there methods not helping my poor itchy dog. Today going to paws and claws was the first day I felt he will get better. I am very happy with my experience with this vets office, friendly staff that truly loves animal's. I am looking forward to a happy healthy dog, thank you paws and claws!"
- Katie M., 5-star Facebook Review

"The entire staff is so friendly and awesome; we loved our first visit today!! A great big thank you to Dr. Anderson for removing all of Mr. T's friends this morning. He is home, sans lump, and is currently taking a soak; he is one happy turtle! Thank you all and I am grateful to have found such a wonderful Veterinarian clinic."
- Michelle B., 5-star Facebook Review

"Loving Paws and Claws. We've recently started transferring our animals to them. We've met dr Reinhart and dr smith and they are both wonderful :). Staff is friendly. We have been very pleased with them. I would highly recommend taking your animals to such a caring facility."
- April B., 5-star Facebook Review

"Wow, you guys are amazing! As a first time client we brought our old, sick ferret in. Your caring and the time you gave, both in the office and on the phone, was incredible. Sadly our furrie passed away just days after coming in. Thursday we received your beautiful condolence card. To have everyone in your office take the time to personally write a short note in that card was a huge testament to your commitment to our animals. Thank you so very much."
- Tracie C., 5-star Facebook Review
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